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Finished ControllerHandler into a working state.

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# Conflicts:
#	Dockerfile
#	bin/supervisor
#	bin/worker
#	composer.json
#	src/FuzeWorks/Async/Executors/ShellExecutor.php
#	src/FuzeWorks/Async/ShellWorker.php
#	src/FuzeWorks/Async/Supervisors/ParallelSuperVisor.php
#	src/FuzeWorks/Async/TaskStorage/RedisTaskStorage.php
#	src/FuzeWorks/Async/Tasks.php
#	test/bootstrap.php
#	test/mock/Handlers/EmptyHandler.php
#	test/mock/Handlers/TestStopTaskHandler.php

Started work on making tasks forcefully quit after a maximum time has expired.

Finished tasks are no longer loaded in SuperVisor.

By adding a parameter in TaskStorage, it is now possible to distinguish between finished and unfinished tasks.
Finished tasks are those tasks that have a status of Task::COMPLETED or Task::CANCELLED. Unfinished tasks are all others.

This allows the SuperVisor to not bother with the mountain of tasks that will be saved during large projects.

Implemented proper dependencies.

Dependencies can now pass output to each other using the DependentTaskHandler.
Also fixed some general problems in the Tasks class, for instance the Executor not starting correctly because of problematic parameters.
Also, SuperVisor now sets the output of a Task using the last output of the task, and not the first.

Return all output when providing attempt = 0.

When providing $attempt = 0 at readTaskOutput and readPostOutput, all output shall be returned.
This is the default return. Hence, a lot of tests had to be altered slightly.

Changed the way task output and post output is saved.

Redis now saves all output for a task within a hash. This hash contains individual tasks and all its output.
Attempts also start at 1, since that makes most sense for this context. When output is written, the TaskStorage must figure out at which attempt the Task is.

Implemented Parent Handlers.

Parent Handlers can be stacked to run in succession. Output is transfered as input into the child handler which can continue with it. If the parent Handler fails, all Child handlers also fail.

Made Handlers an object instead of a string reference.

Handlers should now be added as objects, adding some flexibility to the developer.
Developers are still cautioned to take great care that Handlers work approriately. Handlers can potentially crash the SuperVisor if not taken good care of.

Try with only Redis.

Made many changes. Fixed race-conditions in test code.

Now try while flushing a selected database.

Try again in the new environment.

Maybe Events are the problem?

Fixed DummyTaskStorage persisting outside of the storage.

Awkward how that could go wrong...

Added TaskModifyEvent.

Event gets fired when an Event is modified by sending it to TaskStorage::modifyEvent. This allows components to observe changes and report these to the user. Might also be useful to cancel unwanted changes.

Made the Docker image Alpine-based. Should work better when running Async in a Cron environment.
Also removed compatibility with PHP 7.2.

Implemented many unit tests.

Now with coverage

And remove the Redis debug again


Temporarily check if Redis works

Added separate environments for DummyTaskStorage and RedisTaskStorage.

System now uses environment variables imported through Docker. See test/config.tasks.php for all environment options available.

Now try with an added service

Attempt to run a PHPUnit batch

Try with a modified environment.

Try again

Started implementing Drone

ControllerHandler now works. Next up is a distinction between Task and Process status.

Started implementing ControllerHandler.

ControllerHandler is a standard utility handler for MVCR Controllers. This allows the user to create a task which is handled by a standardized controller.
Not finished yet! Needs some love.

Add 'addTasks' method to `Tasks` class

Implemented basic RedisTaskStorage.

- Fixed bug where worker is not provided with bootstrap by ShellExecutor.
- Added composer and Redis to Dockerfile
- Added more output to ParallelSuperVisor

Updated config format.

Implemented changes to binaries. Binaries now accept a 'bootstrap' argument, allowing the developer to load a custom bootstrap from the project they're working on.

This allows Async to run in the same environment as the project it's part of.

Co-authored-by: Abel Hoogeveen <>
Reviewed-on: #7
2020-06-07 15:54:19 +02:00
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