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TerraForged is a small collection of projects centered around procedurally generated worlds. The primary outlet of which is a Forge mod for the popular game Minecraft (Java Edition).

Building From Source

Firstly you must recursively git-clone this repository and its submodules (Engine & FeatureManager). To build the mod jar just use the gradle build task. The jar will output to the build/libs directory.


git clone --recursive

./gradlew build

Developing With TerraForged's API


repositories {
    maven { 
        url "" 

dependencies {
    implementation fg.deobf("com.terraforged:TerraForged:1.15.2-0.1.0")


TerraForged fires a number of setup events each time its chunk generator is created. These events expose certain components of the generator allowing for world-gen content to be configured, modified, or added to dynamically.

See the com.terraforged.api.TerraEvent class for the available events.

All events are fired on the FORGE event bus.